CHEMACURE - Photo Initiator

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Chem-Hawk is a leading provider of UV Photoinitiators to the Australian Market,
We stock and supply a wide range of products under the Chemacure brand.

Chemacure PI-184

Chemacure PI-EHA

Chemacure PI-248

Chemacure PI-EMK

Chemacure PI-500

Chemacure PI-ITX

Chemacure PI-820

Chemacure PI-MBF

Chemacure PI-825

Chemacure PI-OMBB

Chemacure PI-907

Chemacure PI-PBZ

Chemacure PI-910

Chemacure PI-TPO

Chemacure PI-1173           

Chemacure PI-TPO-L

Chemacure PI-BDK

Chemacure PI-2959

Chemacure PI-DETX

Chemacure PI-CPTX

Chemacure PI-EDB


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