Chem-Hawk Pty Ltd is proud to represent the following Suppliers:


Biomaster anti-microbial additives and Verimaster security taggants.


Full range of photoinitiators, UV absorbers and HALS. Alkyl polygylcoside Surfactants; biodegradable and made from renewable raw materials.

ChiHon Bio Specialilities

Natural antifungal food protectant

CQV Co Ltd

Speciality pearlescent pigments

Inventive Technologies

Extensive range of inclusions for ice cream

Micro Powders Inc, USA

Micronised Waxes – speciality additives for Coatings, Inks and Plastic Masterbatches

Microchem, Switzerland

Polymeric microbeads for coatings for improved feel and suede finishes

New Prismatic Enterprise Co Ltd

Thermochromic and photochromic pigments. Microencapsulated fragrances

Shanghai Beston International Co

Full range of solvent dyes for wood coatings and plastic masterbatch.

Sihui Volor Pearlescent Pigment Co. Ltd

Full range of pearlescent pigments,
including industrial and heat stable grades.

Tiansin North Jinheng General Chemical Plant

Full range of antioxidants

Tianyin Chemical Ind Co Ltd Self cross linking, aliphatic polyurethane dispersions
Guangzhou Tinci Materials Technology Full range of functional ingredients for personal care products

Xi’an healthful Biotechnology Co.

Synthetic and Natural Vitamin E, Aloe Vera and natural plant extracts.



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