Micronized Waxes

For reliable quality and superb consistency in wax additives, formulators rely on Micro Powders®, the recognized leader in advanced wax technology. Their specialty products meet the demanding requirements of diverse markets, from paints, coatings and printing inks to ceramics, lubricants, adhesives and more.

Their extensive range of micronized waxes, wax dispersions and wax emulsions brings the right solution to a vast array of applications, with reliable batch-to-batch consistency and superior performance values.

Ongoing innovation keeps Micro Powders ahead of the curve in responding to industry trends. R&D takes place in our Advanced Applications Lab, staffed by chemists with many years experience in the industries we serve.

The Micro Powders quality assurance system is certified to ISO 9001. Along with their technical expertise comes dedicated partnership support from our knowledgeable distributors worldwide and our own staff experts. Their advanced technology will make a quality difference in your products, and your profits.

MP Synthetic Waxes for lubricity and economy

MPP Polyethylene Waxes for rub and mar resistance

Fluo PTFE (Polytetrafluoroethylene) Waxes for high slip, mar and heat resistance

MicroMatte®/PropylMatte/AquaMatte® Waxes for uniform matting and scratch resistance

Micropro Waxes for anti-blocking and gloss control

Polyfluo®/Synfluo Waxes for slip and abrasion resistance

Polysilk Waxes for improved slip, tape release and smooth surface

Superslip/Synslip/SuperGlide Waxes for high lubricity without PTFE

MicroKlear Waxes for abrasion resistance with gloss retention and clarity

AquaBead® Waxes/Emulsions for water repellency and moisture resistance

Aqua Waxes for all waterborne applications

AquaKlean Emulsions for waterborne architectural coatings

Microspersion® Wax Dispersions “stir-in” wax dispersions

PropylTex Waxes for texture and gloss control

NyloTex Waxes high melt point texture additives

AquaTex Waxes texture and gloss control in waterborne systems

Special-Effects Products for visual effects