To achieve optimal curing, UV coatings may require a range of photoinitiators depending on the coating formulation, cure time, light intensity and cured film properties. We stock a broad range of photoinitiators and can source a wider range on request.


Chemacure PI-1173        Cas. No.       7473-98-5

Chemacure PI-184       Cas. No.        947-19-3

Chemacure PI-500       Cas. No.        947-19-3 & 119-61-9

Chemacure PI-907       Cas. No.       71868-10-5

Chemacure PI-910       Cas. No.       119313-12-1

Chemacure PI-981       Cas. No.       162881-26-7

Chemacure PI-BDK       Cas. No.        24650-42-8

Chemacure PI-DETX       Cas. No.       82799-44-8

Chemacure PI-EDB       Cas. No.       10287-53-3

Chemacure PI-MBF       Cas. No.       15206-55-0

Chemacure PI-OMBB       Cas. No.        606-28-0

Chemacure PI-PBZ       Cas. No.       2128-93-0

Chemacure PI-TPO       Cas. No.       75980-60-8

Other grades of photoinitiators available on request.

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