Specialty Additives

Biomaster: Silver ion based long life anti-microbials from Addmaster

Add effective and trusted antibacterial protection to your product range

Verimaster: Invisible security technology from Addmaster

Verimaster Technology offers a fail-safe solution to your brand protection and product verification requirements

Scentmaster: Fragrance technology from Addmaster

Add flavours, fragrances or odour-masking qualities to your product range

Optical Brighteners: Brightens colours and masks yellowing

For inks, coatings plastics and laundry detergents


Denatonium benzoate: Denaturant for various grades of Ethanol/Gasohol in some Countries

Replacement of Bruicine, Quisine and other conventional denaturants.

An effective repellent for Animals, Rodents, Birds and Cattle.

Active ingredient for nail biting preventive to avoid child in biting their nails and sucking thumbs

Adding just few parts per million in various poisoning and harmful household chemicals would make the said products extremely bitter, preventing child and pets from accidental posisoning.

Rodent Repellent Master Batch/ Additives

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